Van Winkle - a folk musical

A retelling
of Washington Irving's
"Rip Van Winkle"


Caroline Wigmore's music was tuneful and well written for the voice, (it's always a good sign when the tunes are being whistled after curtain fall), and the arrangements and orchestrations by Jen Green were resourceful and idiomatic. Van Winkle is a beguiling show with an appeal to all generations.

Musical Theatre Review

The characters became real people, and shifting the story back between two time periods was a brilliant and successful plot twist.

Herald Journal, Ivan Raconteur

... an intriguing premise that magically transports its hero from his natural 18th Century time-line to present-day New York in a clever conceit that weaves the two disparate scenarios together in a seamlessly imaginative way. It's charming, folksy and entertaining - with a cute puppy puppet added for good measure - and would appear to be a prime candidate for further development.

Theatre World

This piece brimmed with invention and originality (though obviously inspired by a classic tale), the music telling the tale in chords as much as the lyrics did in words.

Broadway World

I really loved this show...a lovely story and some really memorable songs - there were people humming the final one during the interval... I would love to see this one produced on a big scale.

London Theatre News

A whimsical tale that pays tribute to its deep American folk and theatre traditions. The songs are as expressive as they are melodic and the score augments the shape and energy of each performance.

Twin Cities Song Story, Mark Sweeney

...a beautiful and genuine work that strongly evokes the 1766 setting of the musical, with arresting and colourful arrangements that draw you into the story, and weird and wonderful sounds that really evoke the magic of the folk tale.

Auburn Jam Music

... invokes a great atmosphere...

Review Graveyard

... a gorgeous-sounding take on the Washington Irving tale... It's a lush blend of folk, bluegrass, and gospel to savor.

Broadway Direct

A deliciously original piece of musical theatre... Easy listening with a real American country vibe, it is very much a music album in its own right... ultimately a feel good production. If you like Once or The Lord of the Rings Musical, you will almost certainly like Van Winkle - a Folk Musical.

Public Reviews

Stunning orchestrations throughout and the music is very clever... original and authentic... the recording is produced to a very high standard.

Broadway World